Bio: Associated with Paycron since year, Brain has immense knowledge about merchant services and is always exploring more about credit card processing and its aspects. Blogs written by him are factual, covered in detail and purposeful for everyone who is linked with merchant solutions either directly or indirectly.


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6 Most Sought Questions (With Answers) With Electronic Check at Their Heart

Posted on: 19 Apr 2019

Getting paid is by far the number 1 priority of every merchant. But at the same time, merchants have to ensure that the payment options are convenient and safe for their customers. Otherwise losing business to competition becomes a norm for merchants. Collecting eChecks from customers supports a business as the procedure is really simple, […]

Experts Address Pain Areas Of Payment Processing Services

Posted on: 29 Mar 2019

Nobody has ever said that switching credit card processing services is easy for any business. Being small in size, your business might have to encounter more and severe challenges. But then, is there any escape? Well, giving latest payment choices to your customers while exceeding their security expectations is the only way you survive the […]

Beginner’s Guide For Understanding Terminated Merchant File

Posted on: 11 Mar 2019

How many of you know having your business in terminated merchant file can restrict you from availing merchant account services? Having your name in this file is dubbed as the worst nightmare of merchants in current business landscape. It will render inability to open a new merchant account and all your business goals can shatter […]

Debunk The Fantasies Of Sports Betting Merchant Services

Posted on: 14 Feb 2019

With incessant rise in need of sports betting merchant accounts, it is worth spending time and energy on raising the curtains from what had been changed and what should be expected in near future. Sports betting and online gambling businesses notoriously fall under the category of high risk. While the past of gambling was as […]

Why Your Business Is Considered To Be A High-Risk By Payment Processors?

Posted on: 31 Jan 2019

Acquiring merchant services can be pain-staking for any business but the process proves to be even more daunting for high-risk businesses. Do you know why your company is perceived as a high-risk business by card processing services? Dominance of card payments is clearly visible in contemporary commercial landscape. Hence, your business should also be enabled […]

7 Critical Facts For Banks When Signing A Merchant Service Provider

Posted on: 11 Jan 2019

Banks have very significant role to play in a nation’s economy and the economic development hence forth. Times when electronic payments first started in yester decades, payment industry has come a long way from then. The rapid rise and expansion which the payment industry has seen is majorly due to the advancement in technology. It […]

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