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March 14th, 2017

5 Crucial Aspects To Consider In Merchant Services Company You Choose

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Running a business is all about making decisions keeping in mind the company, employees and customers. Whether an action is small or big, it holds significant importance and contributes towards the future of the business. For example, merchant services are something that needs to be selected quite carefully to ensure things go the way they are expected.

Though almost everyone knows everything about credit-card processing, there are some business owners who are not completely aware about these services. As a result, they don’t know that not every credit card processing service is same. Yes, this is true as every service has its own parameters in terms of features, pricing and other factors. Therefore, to conclude a decision that brings rewards in the end, it is important to take out enough time in taking the final call.

No matter one is planning to get a merchant account for their new business or looking forward to cancel the current account and get a better one, it is required to consider some important aspects. Want to know them? Well, below are mentioned important facts to look for in a merchant service providing company:

  1. Accepts All Major Credit and Debit Cards

To understand this point, consider yourself as a customer and not a business owner. Now think how annoying you would feel when you have a credit card to buy products & services you want but have to wait long for the virtual terminal to authorize your card. To make sure this inconvenience is not experienced by your customers, be careful when shopping for a merchant services company.

  1. Is Compatible with All Payment Methods and Devices

This is extremely important. It is very much significant to be compatible with every payment device and system. This includes gateways, mobile devices, terminals and POS software systems. Besides, it also includes various payment methods such as card swiping, chip-and-signature and e-commerce. Ensuring compatibility makes sure that customers are away from issues when purchasing anything online or in-store. This is fruitful for overall customer-satisfaction as well.

  1. Creates Customized Cost-Savings Solutions

Importance of good and friendly customer service is the forte of business owners. No matter how good the products and services are, if the customer service is poor, nothing else matters. Hence, while choosing the merchant service providers, make sure they treat you as a valuable customer and not like an ordinary client. The right professionals will take serious interest in your business and do things that will improve payment processing efficiency, save money and improve customers overall checkout experience.

  1. Is Up Front About Costs

Imagine getting a bill with costs you have no idea about. How would you feel? Of course, terrible and angry! However, this can actually happen when you get credit-card processing statement. Remember that fees and rates are confusing. Moreover, there are hidden merchant fees included in the bill that are not easy to find. Be alert and don’t let the merchant services provider misguide you about the fees they charge.

  1. Works with Genuine Processing Platform and Funding Bank

Merchant services companies work with the processing platform as well as funding bank to complete a card transaction. Standard processing platforms and banks let the merchants modify the processing experience that goes with their business and ensures receiving funds the very next day. If these aspects are not up to the extent they need to be, payment-processing experience will neither be organized nor effective.

These 5 points are must to follow when planning to start with merchant accounts. Make sure all these aspects are covered flawlessly by your merchant service providers as this will ensure you earn only the profits and don’t get troubled with any consequences.

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