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Brian Simmons

Bio: Associated with Paycron for 5 years, Brian has immense knowledge about merchant services and is always exploring more about eCheck services, credit card processing, and its aspects. Blogs written by him are factual, covered in detail and purposeful for everyone who is linked with merchant solutions either directly or indirectly.

Website: https://www.paycron.com

Posts by Brian Simmons:

Did You Know? eChecks Lower The Payment Processing Fees

Posted on: 05 Feb 2020

Business owners of the present era have more to enjoy when it comes to payment options. Credit cards, debit cards, cash payment, bitcoins and checks have simplified the payment processing game. But do you know that among all the payment options, who’s the king? Nope? Credit cards! According to Federal Reserve Payment Study in 2016, […]

5 Key Tips For Handling & Protecting Credit Card Account Information From Offenders

Posted on: 09 Jan 2020

According to the recent survey, it has been confirmed that more than 40% of people these days are facing many security concerns when they make payments using credit cards. Customers are highly concern about their credit card data security and this discourages them from using their payment cards while shopping. Thus, if businesses want their […]

Integrated Payment Platform: Simplify Multiple Revenue Sources Management

Posted on: 12 Dec 2019

Even when a business has a powerful presence in its very own brick & mortar store, it must offer online services. To improve the online presence, creating and executing a holistic strategy is the prerequisite. Of course, having the right set of tools along with customer-oriented features is also important. What needs to be understood […]

Payment Gateways: Secure & Smart Way To Accept Payments

Posted on: 21 Nov 2019

In this digital era, more than 60% of customers prefer buying products online, as it is a very convenient & fast way of shopping. Having said that, accepting online payments has become essential for every business, regardless of type and scale. If you don’t accept online payments, your risk of losing business will always be […]

Why You Should Select Merchant Services According to Your Business Size and Type?

Posted on: 31 Oct 2019

As electronic transactions are gaining high popularity among customers, it becomes almost impossible for any business to survive as a cash-only entity. The innovative & secure cashless payment alternatives enable buyers to pay their bills in just a few seconds. Moreover, being able to give your customers safe and fast cashless payment alternatives can make […]

How eChecks Work? Find Out The Deets In This Post

Posted on: 17 Oct 2019

Ever thought how eChecks work? Ever thought are they a good alternate for your business? Is it a yes? Well, this post will break all your confusions and explain everything your mind can ponder upon. Can’t wait to begin? Let’s start… A Quick Flashback With eCheck, a payer can send funds electronically from their bank […]

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