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Brian Simmons

Bio: Associated with Paycron for 5 years, Brian has immense knowledge about merchant services and is always exploring more about eCheck services, credit card processing, and its aspects. Blogs written by him are factual, covered in detail and purposeful for everyone who is linked with merchant solutions either directly or indirectly.


Posts by Brian Simmons:

Complete Payment Processing Guide For Business Owners

Posted on: 30 Jul 2020

The payment processing engine is driving the online business network. Every second, millions of users across the world make use of online payments by simply clicking a button. However, things are not that simple at the merchant’s end. A whole lot of technology goes into making a digital payment happen in real time. All this […]

COVID-19, Chargeback Frauds & Tips To Minimize & Control Them

Posted on: 16 Jul 2020

Digital advancements of payment, improved financial technology and in some ways the COVID-19 has led to the rise of ecommerce sales, delivery services and online retail sales. Transactions at physical point of sales have severely declined since most of the people are staying away from the markets and brick and mortar shops. This has been […]

Why Payment Processors Avoid High Risk Merchants?

Posted on: 10 Jul 2020

A business needs a payment processor to handle the transactions. For payment processing companies these businesses are simply clients. It is vital for a business to remain in the good books of these payment companies or else they could be cut-off by suspension or termination. Payment processors tend to do this when a business is […]

Contactless Payments & Their Advantages For Merchants & Consumers

Posted on: 25 Jun 2020

The payments industry has come very far in terms of implementation of disruptive technologies. In the last decade, this progress has been nothing short of extraordinary. With groundbreaking financial technologies and the willingness of merchants to experiment and implement new and more efficient methods of payment, the future looks promising. It is estimated that in […]

Cashless Payments Are Booming During COVID-19

Posted on: 05 Jun 2020

COVID-19 has created a wide distance between customers and markets. And what do the experts think about it? Well, as far as they see, digital transactions will bloom. If the duration between Lunar New Year and mid of the March is considered, 76% growth growth in cash-less payments is worth appreciating. To maintain cordial bond […]

How Will The Credit Card Swipe Fees Hike Affect Businesses?

Posted on: 21 May 2020

There are dozens of ways to make payments today, ranging from ewallets, echecks and online wallets to credit/debit cards and online banking. Millions of users use these dozens of payment methods to shop, eat, dine, entertain and travel. However some of these payment methods are more popular than the others. A credit card for one […]

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