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Bio: Passionate about writing for merchant services, online transactions and their impact on the businesses and their clients, Elisa writes really interesting blogs. When she is not on her content creation mission, reading about the future of merchant services excites keeps her busy.


Posts by Elisa:

Checklist of eCheck API Requirements

Posted on: 26 Feb 2020

The world is a tech savvy giant ever hungry for new technologies. The e-commerce sector has seen a tremendous growth and seen more changes than expected. In a series of technological changes, mode of payments have constantly morphed their shape for the convenience of clients. Electronic checks are fast catching up, they work like regular […]

Use of Payment Gateway & Merchant Account in E-commerce

Posted on: 13 Feb 2020

E-commerce market boom is perfectly in sync with the penetration of internet and technology in our lifestyles. The conventional brick and mortar store days are well behind us. Consumers and marketplaces now meet on the internet and every second hundreds of thousands of transactions take place via different online payment systems. A study expects that […]

POS System: How To Get The Right One?

Posted on: 23 Jan 2020

Business is all about making good money. Having said that, getting timely and uninterrupted payments is undeniably the first concern. Be it any business, planning how to make the payment game seamless is something that gives hard time. Both check as well as cash are the usual forms of payment to strike the mind. If […]

Integrated Solutions: Manage Business Expenses Like Never Before

Posted on: 26 Dec 2019

Do you know that you can earn tons of benefits by leveling your merchant service system into integrated payment solutions? Need not say, integrated payment system works with various other business programs. Talking about the segments, they include: Finance or accounting books Enterprise Resource Planning solutions Customer Relationship Management software Procurement programs Managing your business […]

eCheck Payment Processing: Exclusively For The High-Risk Merchants

Posted on: 06 Dec 2019

Apart from pollution, another thing that has grown drastically over the recent years is the phenomenal eCheck processing industry. Thanks to the high risk merchant, electronic checks have become the first choice of majority of businesses. There is no denying that a number of businesses go throw an unpleasant experience of repeated rejection while hunting […]

Third Party Payment Processors: Are They Right For Your Business?

Posted on: 28 Nov 2019

In this highly competitive business era, setting up or running a business is really a big challenge. There are lots of difficulties that business owners inevitably face. The first obstacle, without any doubt, is to sustain in business. Next to that, a business owner has to decide how he will process the payment transactions. This […]

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