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April 4th, 2018

Know How: Paving Way For B2B Virtual Payment

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Virtual payment is the emerging trend in the global market which is creating the stir in businesses. Online stores are thriving because virtual gateways have easy policies and practices for B2C relationships. What’s new for B2B affair to make the process transactions lucrative?

The Trend Setter – Virtual Payment Terminal
Remember that device in a store that swipes your credit card and reads the magnetic stripe? Virtual payment terminal is a web-based imitation of those devices which helps to make a payment possible through a third party website that renders the details from the client by acquiring card number, card holder’s name, expiration date, CVV number and other essential details to make the transaction. Merchants don’t require any hardware or software for these transactions, hence, B2B payment processing is made easy.

How To Promote The Use Of Virtual Terminal?

1. Educate The Businessmen
It’s psychology, in general, that however uncomfortable, inefficient and mundane process be, people wouldn’t change it until they really make an effort to keep up with the technology. Financial professionals need to draft their presentation to introduce innovative systems that offer a high degree of affordability, swift payments and profits.

2. Understand Beginning-to-End Solution
Businessmen deserve an overall solution that fixes all their queries at one place. The ease of tracking payments, reporting transactions, remittances and chargeback at one portals makes them to fall prey to comfort of online gateways.

3. Use Payment Options
The release of pressure that binds one to make the payment through a certain mode is critical. It influences potential buyers to shut off the deal due to stringent payment procedures. The blunt of this reality affects offshore relationships as the country laws and practices vary. The safe route out of this mess is virtual payments.

4. Integrate Mobility into Process
Getting affixed on office desk is not the purpose of businessmen. With online communication, business applications and payment done through phone, mail and payment portals, mobility are obligatory. Buyers and clients want their transactions to be fast, secure and affordable.

What Are The Obvious Benefits Of Switching To Virtual Gateways?

1. Instant Payments
Making mobile payments is the on-going demand. Asking your customers to pay you through mobile application, online portal or calling on toll free number is the trend. If your business isn’t upgraded to online payment services yet then it’s the high time to contact merchant account service provider. This is where we drop in and connect you to one of the best processor as per your business demands.

2. Centralized Data Retention
Nobody wants numerous tabs of different software on screen to fathom the progress of a business. Imagine, you’ve a tool that shows your previous history of payments, recent transactions, graphs to show your monthly and weekly revenues, chargeback rate and other attributes of finances. That’s absolutely possible with virtual credit card software.

3. Cost Optimization & Risk Minimization
B2B payments are diverse and usually in huge amount. You need least channels and more of direct connection. Going through the traditional method, you’re likely to pay $5 extra on every $1000 as per the finance experts. The change of mode will surely save you money, add flexibility and unify their data in one. Your customers are 100% safe with the e-POS systems.

Do you also deal in B2B relationships? If yes, but trading in oblivion then your phone is waiting to call us right away. We’re your advisors to launch your company’s career with technological advancement in financial field. You must consider us on your boat!

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