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December 29th, 2017

Best Practices for Billing and Collections

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Payment processing industry gives high-risk businesses a tough time. No wonder you being a collection agency are experiencing something of similar sort. In fact, the collection and billing agencies are considered to be the top rankers in risk factors from the perspective of the credit card processing industry.


Businesses into debt collection are pronouncedly subjected to a lot of rejections but these are not the only challenges for you guys. The unstable regulatory climate of the industry clubbed with unreliable income streams of most of the debt collectors make major banks turn down your application for opening a merchant account. How are you then supposed to extract money from not so good people around?

This goes without saying that different set of people have a blend of interesting and weird excuses for not paying the bills. We don’t say that you are running your business in an unethical manner or you are dangerous to others still there is a lot of uncertainty to deal with in your fraternity. This is probably the main reason why there are only a handful of good payment processors available for your company.

You typically have a high chargeback ratio. It is because of the inherent nature of the business that you are considered to be a high risk. Many debt collection businesses don’t know how to deal with the chargebacks.


Businesses like yours deal day and night with the consumers who have a proven track record of not paying their bills on time. This remains to be a salient feature of these people with not so strong moral character. When they are pushed by the collecting agents they make payments and this eventually leads to high chargebacks. This all contributes to the high risk factor. You truly need a payment processing expert that can help you mitigate the risk and work on the chargebacks to significantly reduce them. The quest of finding out the best among available Debt Collection Merchant Account Providers may not be easy for you.This is because of the sad fact that just like any other industry payment industry too has got predatory companies.

Your success is ensured if you have done your homework really well and have a professional by your side who knows what the attributes of the perfect payment processing partner are. It is more practical to lend a professional assistance when you are not expert in the field. A fair comparison of the monthly processing fees, transaction volumes, cost per transactions and other important things will be done beforehand.

You are likely to get more business and trust from your clients when they are assured of your success rate. In absence of effective credit card processing system, your collection agents will have serious difficulty in persuading the stubborn consumers.

It is hence more than significant to rope in the best payment processing services with your expertise to reach the next level of success.

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