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December 12th, 2019

Integrated Payment Platform: Simplify Multiple Revenue Sources Management

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Even when a business has a powerful presence in its very own brick & mortar store, it must offer online services. To improve the online presence, creating and executing a holistic strategy is the prerequisite. Of course, having the right set of tools along with customer-oriented features is also important.

What needs to be understood here is the fact that the strategy isn’t a piece of cake and has its own challenges & issues. Fortunately, possible chaos can be prevented by taking assistance from the right service providers. By streamlining the income and invoice via an integrated payment platform, cards as well as payments can be processed easily.

Moving on to businesses that run both offline and online operations, expecting growing profits is quite obvious. But how to do that? Through the below explained way related to merchant processing solutions.

Non-Integrated Payment Processing: The Issues

Managing payments isn’t easy when operations run through various avenues. This is even true for the credit card payments, as they depend on different vendors when it comes to offline and online payment processing.

A piece of suggestion is keeping track of cash register and online merchant platform unilaterally. Adding and transferring funds between these sources is a reliable way though it is not considered the best.

Talking about another problem related with non-integrated payment processors, it is increased subscription and processing costs of credit card. Customer data can be managed better if there are loyalty programs.

If we throw light on an integrated payment platform, it supports in easily managing the payments. Apart from fixing the above discussed problems, it cuts both the costs as well as processing times. Moreover, such a platform helps to remain focused on strategic actions and take the business forward towards success.

How To Use Integrated Payment Processing? Important Tips

It can’t be denied that among the appreciable things about merchant processing solutions, one of the best is they can be easily utilized. To find an integrated merchant platform provider according to the needs of the business, below mentioned points are highly helpful.

1. Opt for solutions that work two ways

Understanding the payments gets complicated if the brick and mortar store has a certain merchant platform, whereas, online store has a different merchant processing system. To simplify this, it is good to use a common integrated payment platform. Having said that, solutions that go well with online and offline payments are the best deal.

2. Carefully check if special requirements have to be met

In order to use services of some integrated payment processing solutions, it is important to have certain types of business accounts. It is good to consider services that allow setting up the integrated merchant processing system with minimum conditions. Need not to say, it helps to stay away from unwanted requirements.

3. Consider ease of use

As understood, integrated payment platform is used to simplify the payment processing. Owing to this fact, it is important to choose a vendor who offers an intuitive interface for merchant platform. This will help in saving time on system management and employee training. Last but not the least, it will also reduce the chances of errors that are associated with the usage of complicated systems.

With Paycron, businesses can easily accept credit card payments both online and in-person. If you are planning to start with credit card processing at minimal fees, contact us now.

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