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February 1st, 2017

Shift Your Travel Business To Merchant Account For Skyrocketing Profits

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Travelling business is categorized under high risk businesses and hence, requires a high risk merchant account. As accepting online payments is quite easy and fast, travel businesses can make huge profits through merchant accounts.

Since travel businesses are termed high risk, acquiring merchant accounts for these merchants is a tricky deal. However, there are some merchant services providers who support the merchants meet a trustworthy financial institution that excels in offering reliable high risk merchant account. These professionals have fruitful network with other merchant service providers as well as acquiring banks.

Importance of Travel Merchant Account

In today’s advanced world, internet is one of the most convenient platforms to approach travel business. Moreover, travel business has also joined the race of competition to a large extent. To maintain the pace and stand head-to-head with the competitors, travel websites and portals have emerged as the need of the hour. However, if travelers are unable to book their travel, company’s business is nothing more than useless.

In order to book the travel package easily and seamlessly, the first thing customers look for is a secure payment alternative on the website. Using the payment mode, they can make the payment within few seconds. As everyone prefers paying through credit and debit cards, merchant account is extremely important for these merchants. Every payment received gets instantly credited into this account.

Benefits of Merchant Services for Travel Business

Check out the gorgeous advantages that will tell how these services can make your business fast, secure and something customers desire for:

• Secure payment processing
• Lower processing rates & fees
• Quick and consistent credit card processing
• E-commerce for shopping cart credit card processing
• Faster deposits
• Extensive fraud fighting tools that safeguard the business
• Free technical support
• No holds on funding
• PCI-DSS level security ensures safe processing
• Cost effective and convenient way to process credit card payments
• Specialists in high volume merchant accounts
• 24/7 customer service

Ain’t these benefits everything you want in your business? Cherish them by applying for the secure and instant travel merchant account right away.

 Important Factors to Consider

Being the owner of high-risk business, there are few things you need to be careful to get the best rates.

• First, make sure to show the stability of your business through credit history and bank statements.
• Second, ask the service providers about the tactics on managing risks.
• Third, talk to four or five merchant providers and compare their rates to ensure you don’t pay more than the genuine price.

Getting merchant account for travel business is challenging as exhibiting stability is not easy. It is also possible that you may need to improve your rates with time to prove your business is not that risky. Market these days is full of potential merchant account providers; however, you need to do in-depth search before getting started.

Attract new customers every day and experience boost in your travel packages booking by allowing your consumers pay the way they want.

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