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November 2nd, 2018

Here’s Some Help On Finding The Best Merchant Account

When searching the merchant service provider you can lean on for once and all, it’s obvious to feel confused and annoyed. Accepting credit cards is a dream but who to trust is the factor that keeps you away from beginning with the pleasure. During all the brainstorming, have you ever thought that may be you […]

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October 22nd, 2018

Your Guide To Explore Credit Card Processing Rates & Fees

Complex, daunting and overwhelming are the words to describe credit card processing fees in the best way. Sadly, to process credit cards effortlessly, paying the fees is important. However, instead of paying the charges without thinking, it is required to understand them. This is because it helps to dispute any amount that seems unfair or […]

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October 18th, 2018

Do You Accept Credit Cards? Here Are 10 Ways To Ensure Safety

Do you run a business wherein you process credit cards or debit cards via a shopping cart? If so, you must know that the real card may not be able to swipe. This transaction is known as ‘card not present’ and involves risk for you from the security point of view. So, is something possible […]

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October 11th, 2018

So, How Much High Risk Processing Costs?

What’s a good rate for credit card processing? Answering this is next to impossible at times because rates are business-specific. The fact turns even true in matters of high risk businesses, such as gambling, gaming, traveling, adult entertainment, pharmaceuticals, technical support, vape shops and more. Getting a fair idea about average costs for multiple business […]

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October 4th, 2018

This Is How Payment Gateway Is Integrated (Detailed Analysis)

PAYMENT GATEWAY gives an online business the right to accept credit card payments from any part of the universe. There are several gateways available to choose from and each of them costs a particular amount along with charge per transactions. Despite the pool of options, choosing the precise gateway makes sense to save money and […]

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Credit Card processing
August 22nd, 2018

The Encyclopedia Of Accepting Credit Cards Online & Offline

Finding a company that assists in accepting credit cards is no less than World War. And why so? Because our very beloved planet is occupied with thousands of payment processing companies, which makes it complicated to choose the firm that actually is worth all the blabbering it does. Other than this, there are too many […]

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