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Wire Transfer vs Direct deposit
November 21st, 2022

Wire Transfer v/s Direct Deposit – What is the Difference?

Transferring money directly to a bank account is the most convenient transaction method. However, with evolving technologies, there are different ways to transfer money. But in various types of EFTs, wire transfer and direct deposit are the most popular transfer methods. Selecting how to transfer money can be confusing with the ever-changing array of technologies. […]

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echeck, echecks, echeck payment, echeck solutions, merchant services
November 15th, 2022

Will Echeck Payment Solution Ever Rule the World?

Payment solutions have long been a staple in the world of business. They provide a way for companies to have prompt payment services and receive the funds they need. In recent years, when people think of paper checks as a payment method, they also think of various long-dead items. There has been a flourishing rise […]

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Multiple payment, echeck, credit card payment, echeck payment solution
November 10th, 2022

Significant Benefits of Using Multiple Payment Gateways?

Driving faster revenue with constant growth requires stable business and technical innovation. To expand into new geographies and business lines, many technical innovative companies broaden the horizon of their infrastructure with different payment gateways. Front-end technology is highly responsible for sending customer data to the merchant’s bank account; payment gateways play a crucial role in […]

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echeck payment, echeck, echecks, echeck account, merchant account, merchant services
November 8th, 2022

This Week’s Top Stories About eCheck Payment Solution

The evolution of eCheck payment solutions has made a significant impact on how we do business today. As the technology develops, it will upgrade your business as well. The eCheck payment solution has become a leading way for businesses to accept payments. This service has been around for decades, and it’s become more popular over […]

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Paydex score, credit score, payment processor, echeck payment processing, merchant payment processor
September 21st, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide To Know About Paydex Score: Read To Know More!

It is generally seen that the business’s Paydex score typically ranges from one to 100, and it is related to the business’s payment performance. As Dun and Bradstreet (D &B) revealed, a higher Paydex Score generally indicates that the business helps make the payments on time or before. This is why potential partners, investors, and […]

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Instant check verification, echeck echecks, merchant services, echeck payment
September 15th, 2022

Instant Check Verification For High Risk Merchant Accounts

With a lot of things being changed in today’s time, there is a gospel truth about the payment sources getting altered, modified, and digitized, and online payments are certainly illustrative instances of how advanced our digital payment systems have become with time. It was the era of the past, where credit and debit card payments […]

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