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August 8th, 2018

6 Fool-Proof Ways To Use For Finding Best Merchant Account For Enterprise Businesses

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The beginning of your company must have been a run for life but it’s not over even after being an established firm. Businessmen who are starting up their business needs more trustworthy investment which becomes their strength and forms a part of their reputation. For example, your business relationship with a settled name in an industry might give you a rush of trusted customers. However, everything comes at price. You wouldn’t walk on red-carpet without a price to pay. That comes in form of high-end transaction fees and monthly charges in your business relationship with an over hyped merchant service provider. Financially speaking, the price of getting a merchant account varies astonishingly. There are companies focusing on money making and others who want to build a huge clientele base. Surely, Paycron comes as a customer-oriented company with reputation and customizable services.

Wondering, how you can find the rightly suited and cost efficient company to partner with for fetching merchant account services?

We’ve got it all sorted for you here!

Check out the ways that leads to your ‘The One’:

1. Switch Your Pricing

To decide what you must pay, you have to get the accurate idea about your customers. Why so? The truth is, your business when it started, had a low or disproportionate amount of customers which is why you were given to fall into the bracket of Flat-Rate Pricing Structure. It’s a high priced service which should NOT be followed once you’re settled under your niche.

This is the time that you switch to an Interchangeable-Rate pricing structure which is basically a charging system for companies with a good number of clients per month. Subsequently, they are charged under three brackets based on clientele strength for a lumped calculation.

2. All-In-One Payment Options

When your business starts to spur out, you might want to take it to online platform which is seemingly the best decision for decreasing the overhead charges and focusing on growing exponentially through eCommerce platform.

To support your mission, you need a much stronger and much stable form of payment regime. It comes with payment gateway and merchant account.

You need to compare the features and charges of these services from different companies and pin out the best ones out for further screening.

3. Activity Record

Discrepancies and flawed manual accounts can lead to a huge loss for your company at the end. This could be diminished if you’ve a merchant account provider which keeps you up with activity record.

This gives you a structured data compiled by attributes like Date, Time, Customer Details and Sales.

4. Virtual Terminal Perks

Virtual Terminal is a great asset to any company indeed. Especially if you’re managing different retail stores at many locations, local or globally. It presents the businessmen to understand the demographics of a place, inventory in the store, demand & supply for the location and sales.

This might seem fascinating to your employees but you can also use it to hide many of the descriptive information otherwise.

For example, you’re in free motion to allow or restrict anyone in your employees to get information about other stores through the terminal. Suiting to your business model, terminal adapts the nature of business. Hence, it gives you to manage ‘User Access Control’.

5. Cumulative Reports For Comparing Stores

Not every store is supposed to cherish the benefits of high sales. Some might be a part of remote area and have specific demand of products. With cumulative receipts of sales and overall performance, you can easily track the progress and problems to rectify.

6. Many Accounts One Access

Running an enterprise business is about managing branches of the firm at different location and with varied employees. This indicates towards having various merchant accounts from different providers. It’s not only hectic to shuffle between the accounts- login & logout- but also makes it lethargic to do the task efficiently. Paycron has solution to end this problem where you can manage all your accounts through one platform given the providers are different.

The Final Words:

Updating yourself time and again is necessary. Change is meant to bring your services to a better stage. Paycron can stop revenues from bleeding out to providers’ hand and make you the boss of your earning with a genuine price to pay. Choice shall remain yours – Yay or Nay?

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