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Do you provide training to your clients? If yes, then what type of training?

Yes, we provide training to our clients. From credit card terminal training program to assistance in reprogramming of credit card terminals, everything is included in the training course which helps the merchants to run their business smoothly.

How should I connect my terminal?

There are two options to connect the terminals:
A. Through a phone
B. Through an Internet line
The choice is entirely subject to client’s preference. However, the decision would affect the type of card processing device to be purchased. For example, if you opt for a landline then you’ll have to devote a landline number just for making business payments or else, a call on wait or busy signal could interrupt the payment. This is the reason why people choose Internet line for faster and unruffled transaction process.

How soon will I get my deposits?

For the businesses that qualify the terms, funds get settled in merchant's bank account within 24 hours. For some businesses, it may take more than 24 hours depending upon the risk involved in the business. 

Why am I being charged a PCI fee?

Paycron applies an Annual PCI service fee which is greatly used to maintain the costs incurred by industry processes like:
A. Maintaining the compliance
B. Terminal software update
C. Non-compliant hardware replacement

What is a Chargeback?

Chargeback is a refund of money by the merchant through his bank account which was earlier credited in exchange of products or services. A cardholder may demand a return if proper card acceptance and authorization procedures weren’t practiced. When a merchant disputes a transaction, the merchant is obliged to pay back the indicated amount via his deposit account. Chargeback is a matter of customer dissatisfaction in services offered which could be avoided if the merchant keeps the documentation and authorization process of card processing best to the industrial standard.

What is Near Field Communication (NFC)? How does it work?

When your devices are placed near each other, they can communicate by exchanging bits of data through NFC chips that enable safe transaction as the data is encrypted into unique digital signature.

What is the length of my Merchant Agreement?

Although we emphasize on 3 years merchant agreement but we provide month-to-month services as well.

Why do I need to be PCI compliant?

Being PCI compliant is essential and a necessity as you will sign up for the rules and regulations which are stated by the Card Brand under which any business or individual works. It is mandatory for anyone who is processing card and obtaining or storing information of any card holder. You will automatically state that you will adhere to PCI DSS when you sign up with us.

How often should I batch?

The clients need not batch the transactions on their own. The batch is sent for settlement automatically.

What is an Issuer vs. an Acquirer?

An acquirer is the financial institute that maintains all the merchant credit card processing relationships and receives the transactions which are further distributed to the linked card member banks. An issuer is the financial institute that issues the credit card to an individual or a business.

What is PCI?

To maintain the standard of security, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has a set of defined rules and regulations which every card processing company is obliged to follow if they deal in any kind of processing, stores or transmission of credit card information from their customers.

How do I change my High Ticket Amount?

To proceed to change your High Ticket Amount, you need to write an application. Also, you must place a call on our toll free number to request the change in your High Ticket Amount. For more information, you may seek our customer assistance.

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