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Airline and Jet Charters Merchant Accounts
March 21st, 2018

Keep The Flying Game Strong With Airline & Jet Charters Merchant Account

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Air charter companies put their best foot forward to satisfy their clientele. Whether it’s comfortable travel or latest in-flight amenities, they plan every detail to establish relationships that bestow them with repeat business and referrals. This includes payment and billing practices because passengers expect convenient, quick and secure payments. Sadly, nature of this complex business doesn’t allow easily opening an air charter merchant account that suits the needs.

Challenges Faced With Processing

High-ticket value and exposure to risk makes the business high-risk. Also, companies involved in this space look for credit card processing solutions to let their passengers book the travel without undergoing any hassle. As far as customers opting private airlines are concerned, they wish flexible billing that gels with their budget. This in turn restricts some processors from issuing a jet charter merchant account to companies. Looking at some of the major issues these businesses go through, they include:

1. Irregular Billing Schedules
2. High-Value Transactions
3. Chargebacks and Cancellations Risk
4. Online Reservations and Advanced Scheduling

There Are Service Providers By Your Side

Yes, that’s right. There ain’t any need to feel disheartened because expert merchant service providers are always willing to help, thanks to their experience with high-risk merchants. They will provide you merchant account that will be flexible along with financial security, ensuring you concentrate on creating unbeatable experience for passengers. By keeping the costs down, they make sure payment rates don’t increase with life of the account. Discover some other benefits you can grab in the below given points:

1. Funding within few hours
2. 100% support, 24/7
3. Intact security of confidential details
4. No application fees
5. Easy and dependable solutions
6. All major cards accepted
7. Processing of ACH payments
8. Secure payment gateway
9. High ticket and high volume
10. Chargeback monitoring and prevention
11. Retail, virtual terminal, online and mobile payments

Why You Need Jet Charter Merchant Account Providers?

As per the available data, there are more than 22,000 businesses belonging to chartered flight industry. Banks and financial institutions are not interested in taking any chance and approving merchant accounts. However, when it comes to process credit card payments effectively and efficiently, these businesses depend on online reservations and payments, which is not possible flawlessly without merchant accounts.

As already said, these merchants are treated high-risk businesses because they are easily prone to higher number of chargebacks. Banks turn them away or keep extremely tight restriction on these businesses. To keep away from these complexities, the best and convenient way is given by established merchant service providers. They have lower credit processing account rate along with versatile payment solutions. Their dedication towards exceeding customers’ expectations help them to approve airline and jet charters merchant accounts in as little as 24 hours.

Essentials to Apply for the Account

To start the application process, filling out a quick and simple application form is the way. Account providing company tries best to provide a streamline process.

Apart from the application, below mentioned documents are needed:

1. A securely functioning website
2. A bank letter or pre-printed voided check
3. Approximately 3 months of the latest bank statements
4. If applicable, 3 months of the most recent processing statements
5. Valid ID issued by government
6. Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Get Started Now

Despite the positive forecast, the airline and jet charter industry is always going to be considered unpredictable. Unscheduled trips, cancellation and hefty chargebacks will complicate things every now & then. Instead of feeling sorry about the situation and compromising with the usual process, contact the best merchant account providers and let them help you begin with the right account.

Competition is growing rapidly than ever and only the fittest businesses are going to dominate. Join their league and let passengers trust you for all their travel needs.

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