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October 26th, 2017

Don’t Just Rush For Opening Tech Support Merchant Account

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In the world of instant deliveries, it is obvious that businesses are in hurry. Every merchant is racing with others to acquire greater share of market, earn better returns on investments and build the brand image. There is hurriedness in every action you take but that calls for mistakes as rush may not give you space to assess the contributing factors properly. Technical support industry experience fierce competition, high chargeback ratios and tough fight for reputed payment processors.


Technical support industry is growing at rate of $500 Million per year (approx.). Of the total revenue ($4.7 billion) of technical support industry as a whole, remote tech support has a huge and rising share of over $ 2.3 billion.

Technical support services by independent players are rendered remotely to proffer the fastest possible professional assistance to the computer and internet users. Those business owners who aim to spearhead the virtual technical support industry should get the best merchant account provider for tech support. What makes this way more important than any other thing is the nature of the business.


Rookies or the experienced players both should play in sync with the rules of game. This holds true for the gamut of merchant account services too. It is essentially important that you have a reliable and fast support from your merchant account provider to foster your new or old tech support business.

Remote technical support companies are in business of providing technical support to individuals and businesses for their small and big technical issues. These include myriad of problems related to computers, software, printer and antivirus etc. There are one time services and package for technical assistance in lieu of which payments through credit cards are accepted majorly. For acceptance of card payments online your business needs a secure payment gateway. Hope you are not only concerned about the acceptance of your merchant account application but emphasize on asking particular questions from the service providers such as do you provide high risk merchant accounts for tech support business? Do you provide mobile merchant services? Make sure you read between the lines before signing the agreement.


Don’t expect the things to fall into place on their own with time. Choosing payment processing services rightly will be a smart investment. Research well and take references from people you know in business fraternity and personal contacts. This whole exercise once you knock the right door will be worth taking pain. Otherwise you may end up listening to the complaints of chargebacks. Tired of frequent chargebacks while extending technical support? Know how you save it from getting substantial.

Chargeback ratio when low or negligible guarantees better technical support business. Identification of stolen cards, bad sales before they happen can take a great control over charge backs. Ensure your customer services are technically sound and your turn around time is fast. Not meeting the customer expectations even for smallest reasons may lead to chargebacks.

But chargebacks in technical support industry are inevitable so what should you do to handle such situations? Make sure that the customers have the open channels to report their complaints to you directly and quickly.

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