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May 29th, 2018

Act Of Tithing: Make Giving For Churches Easy And Secure

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God’s love is high enough to get over it but in his world nothing runs without money. By nothing we mean nothing, not even the non-profits and churches. No matter it is the custom of tithing or act of charity, funds are always important. Despite of the fact that you are not running a business you need money to run these programs. In modern days there is hardly anybody who is untouched from the benefits of using plastic money. This makes finding the best of merchant account providers quintessential even for the churches.

Is Managing Church Really Different From Running Business?

When you look at it superficially there is a huge difference between the role of a church leader and a business owner. As you dig deep in the functioning you don’t realize it very late that despite of the fact that the two concepts are entirely different they both need money to survive and thrive.

Churches have their supporters and in order to accept huge support from them it is important that you provide them the channels that are most convenient plus secure. Embracing electronic giving should open up myriads of opportunities for your church.

When you allow people to tithe with their credit and debit cards you are persuading them to support big time. One factor that has time and again influenced many church leaders’ decision in favor or against accepting credit card payments is the debt people take on while using them. This issue however does not influence many leaders as they don’t see this particular thing as an issue.

They support their decision with the practical perspective which is getting larger denominations of donations. Moreover it has been experienced that the churchgoers majorly include the people who make use of credit cards quite responsibly. They not only are particular about making credit card payments on time but they also support churches with the bonus and reward points they earn. Many banks offer their customers the incentives for paying back the balances completely every month. These come to churches as donations too.

Reasons Why Congregations Are Keen To Pay Via Cards?

> Because most of them are tech savvy. When you find your church fast and reliable church credit card processing services you give a platform to your supporters. This platform is all about allowing churchgoers to give how and where they want to give. The sense of liberty to choose from the payment channels available motivates the worshippers to concentrate on their prayers while they are in church and support with a click once they step out.

> Because it saves time. Churches should be keen to embrace support from worshippers of every age group. Most of the American youth counts on the online transactions and card payments every time they avail some service or pay for something. Giving to churches should be no different for them. They want to make it fast and hassle-free.

> Because it is a secret affair. There are many audiences at church who want to keep their support under wraps. It is because of their belief that whatever good they do for humanity and Christianity should not be done to impress others or increase their social influence. Encourage people to donate anonymously if they want to.

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