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Credit Card Processing
November 12th, 2019

Credit Card Processing And Its Benefits On The Businesses

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Every business whether it is small scale or large scale wants to give best and reliable services to its clients. Reason being, gaining their trust comes first.

Businesses are now becoming aware of the latest technologies and hence, have started offering the credit card facilities to their customers. Even start-up businesses want to optimize their sales and make profits similar to big organizations. For this, they try their best to expand their business through the use of the modern technologies.

Why every business should accept credit cards?

As no customer likes to make payments with cash due to the inconvenience linked with it, credit card processing has become a necessity for mostly every business.

Credit cards are extremely convenient for the customers to use, and thus they expect every business to accept credit card. Though payment through credit card is convenient for the customers, it can be a potential source of frustration and expense for the business. Having said that, it is essential to choose the processor that can provide the business with easy service at the best possible price.

How to accept credit cards?

To accept cards at your business, you need to open a merchant account with a reliable bank or financial institution. The process of opening a merchant account is not so complicated and most financial institutions and banks are willing to work with businesses, no matter they are high risk or low risk.

To get maximum benefits in a seamless way, selecting the service provider who provides the best deals and services according to your business type and needs is the way to go. A reliable service provider provides 24/7 online customer support to its clients.

Opening a merchant account will make you eligible to install credit card processor at your workplace. The institution from which you avail your credit card processing services and processor will underwrite your merchant account to limit the losses and facilitate different online and offline payment options.

Select the type of processing that works best for your business. You can go for both simple processor and wireless processor. However, to accept online payments, you have to set up your website with features to accept payments in a secure and fast way.

Some smart ways to accept credit cards

  • Point-of-sale (POS) systems- Point-of sale is a complete checkout terminal, best for businesses with numerous brick and mortar stores. It can connect multiple locations or cash registers to each other. The terminal includes credit card swiper, touch screen, barcode scanner, cash register and much more.
  • Mail or telephone order- Accepting payments via mail or phone is the way to reach customers who prefer to make payments by smartphones or mails. There is no need of terminal to accept such type of payments. With this payment facility, your business will enjoy low monthly fees.
  • Credit card terminal- Card terminals are ideal for all types of business that have large number of good and services at physical locations. The terminal devices are used to swipe credit cards in person and it requires a merchant account to complete the transaction.
  • Online payment- Businesses that have their presence online need to accept online payments. Stand-alone e-commerce sites that use shopping cart software may need a merchant account for seamless transaction.
  • Wireless accounts: Wireless accounts are ideal for businesses that want to cut down geographical limits while selling their products and offering services. Online stores and food delivery shops are good examples of such businesses.

People & organizations involved in credit card processing

1. The Customer: In credit card processing, the first step begins when a buyer swipes its card and provide payment information to the seller.

2. The Merchant: The merchant accepts and collects the payment information & payment either offline or online.

3. The Credit Card Processor: The processor collects the payment information and is responsible for routing that data across numerous stages. It also provides communication facility between all involved parties like customer, financial institute and seller.

3. The Card Network: The transaction will then execute through customer’s credit card like Visa or MasterCard. After the information has been received from the card processor, the card network will then forward the details to the customer’s bank.

5. The Customer’s Bank: The customer’s bank receives the payment request and verifies whether the customer has sufficient funds to complete the purchase. After verifying all the things, the transaction successfully executes.

6. Back To The Merchant: The fund is transferred to the seller account with payment confirmation.

Choose The Right Credit Card Processing Company

A few things that need to be considered while selecting credit card processing company are:-

  • Reputation: Your company must have good reputation in the market.
  • Fees: There are payment processing companies that charge for every transaction and also there are companies that charge on monthly basis.
  • Business type: Not all companies support high risk business. In fact, some charge high fee to offer merchant account services to the high risk business. However, with little search, a high risk business owner can find a service provider who offers credit card processing services at affordable fees.

Keys to Lower your Credit Card Processing Costs

  • Know your business type like high risk or low risk
  • Select the right processors
  • Accept All card types and transaction methods
  • Review your statements on regular basis
  • Use the latest processing technologies & tools

So if you want to improve your sales, then start accepting credit card payments.

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