Gaming Merchant Account to Accept payments fast andsecure.
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Gaming Merchant Account to Accept payments fast and secure
June 26th, 2017

Gaming Merchant Account — Short-Cut To Make Huge Profits!

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With rise in online and mobile based gaming & gambling, the need for multiple payment solutions has also increased. However, finding the right partner for credit card processing is quite tricky, especially for the online gaming companies. Making money and taking the growth forward is the main priority for which one relies on credit card payments from potential customers. It is important to know that online casino and gaming merchant account are mostly available for companies in the following industries:

• Online Casinos

• Table Games and Poker

• Mobile App Based Games

• Digital Games

• Slot Machines

It can’t be denied that online gaming and casino companies create various difficulties for the business entrepreneurs. Besides the age and state based laws, merchant account providers have certain rules to consider before thinking to collaborate with any of these companies. Digital platform carries the potential of higher rates of chargebacks for the business as well as its credit card processor. Owing to these challenges at every step, it gets complicated for businesses to find a willing processor who can offer them a reliable and genuine account. Be it a bank or any financial institution, it considers gaming companies as ‘high risk’ for a couple of reasons. They are not interested in take the chance with their funds as they are not clear about the way the industry works.

Why Paycron?

A gaming website depends on a solid merchant account; i.e., one that is reliable and capable of keeping the business running smoothly. Paycron understands the loopholes closely and provide gaming merchants that meet match the expectations of the clients.

Here is what you can expect by collaborating with us:

1. Fast approval: 

Once we receive the complete application package along with supporting documents, we match the client with one of the most acquiring banks of ours. Understanding the urgency of business, we ensure doing it at the earliest possible. This is followed by sending the particular gaming merchant account proposal with the terms and conditions. After it is accepted, processing takes a couple of days to start.

2. No volume limits: 

We allow businesses process as many transactions as they want. This way, they are free from thinking what to do when an upper limit is hit.

3. Processing of big-ticket payments:

Our merchant accounts support big ticket transactions to ensure clients are free from adjusting policies based on any sort of outside restrictions.

4. PCI-compliant service:

Fraud has always been one of the main concerns when it comes to web. Moreover, gaming industry is one of the favorite targets for the cyber-hackers. To keep our clients from such traps, our processing platform is PCI-compliant and assists business fight fraudulent transactions and protect their customers’ details and identities.

5. Complete merchant account support: 

With us, you can expand your business anywhere you want as we make allow to outgrow your reach worldwide. Our gaming merchant accounts let you accept payments in multiple currencies. This way, give your customers the freedom to make the payment in their own currency.

Overall, with we are your card processing partner who make sure to keep your best interest in mind. Contact us and we will help you setup the account easily so that you can get back to the important tasks of your business. Our price plans are designed to provide your flexibility that’s needed to run the business smoothly at the lowest possible rates and get the needed funding on time.

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