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Merchant service solutions for business consultants
May 22nd, 2017

Merchant Service Solutions For Business Consultants

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It might be surprising but yes, ‘Business Consulting’ is one of the businesses that’s considered ‘high-risk’. There’s no doubt business consultants are reliable and trustworthy professionals who are vital for the American economy, they are still considered high-risk by the banks. This reason provokes bank to decline providing payment processing accounts to these businesses. However, some banks do provide business consultants with payment processing account but their fees are high and rates are inflated. In addition, merchant is subjected to be forced to provide a reserve on credit card processing.

Consulting firms are dedicated to their work; still, there have been cases where some of these businesses have been characterized by high cancelations, high chargeback rates and other risky features. As obvious, this forces banks and conventional payment processing providers to carefully weigh the consequences when negotiating agreements with the consultants.

Need For a Merchant Account

With a merchant account, it is possible to accept credit card payments and allow customers log on and make payments on various portals. Being quick and secure in nature, this sort of payment processing enables to receive payments in a seamless way. Apart from this, customers are away from killing time in useless and lengthy procedures. In other words, things are convenient for everyone.

Will Banks Offer Payment Processing Accounts?

When you will start the search of finding a suitable bank or payment processor, you will either be turned down or offered services at unbelievably higher rates. Reason being, your business comes under the high-risk category which stops everyone from undertaking the risks.

How Paycron is Different?

Paycron understands that business consulting industry is being reborn. To achieve success, these business people need experienced payment processor who holds expertise in high risk industries and is well-versed with handling clients’ payments. We have helped several ‘hard to approve’ merchants in creating profitable business consulting merchant accounts. Our professionals offer a full suite of payment processing solutions.

Check out some of the services we provide despite the high risk status:

• Card processing

Whether it’s Master Card, Visa or Amex, payment from them all are accepted and processed by our portals without a glitch.

•  Electronic Check Payments

The virtual portals are equipped for ACH processing/ eCheck processing. Hence, feel free & relaxed in accepting eCheck from clients.

• Check Drafting

Without making the customers go through the laborious processes of sending a physical checks or having to wait for the customer’s signature or approval forms yourself, accept drafts and get easy payments.

• Easy Application

Our application process is quick and simple. With us, open an account without added costs or hidden fees.

• Quick Setup

Gateway setup is simple and takes just a few simple steps. Complete the steps and receive payments from worldwide customers.

• Chargeback

Despite the risk related with chargeback, we understand its importance for a business. Ask us and we will help you with the best solution available.

Are You New?

New consultants are at much high risk than the ones who are already existing. Therefore, there is difference in rates for new and old businesses, as new business has no history of payment processing. However, there’s nothing to feel low about because Paycron understands every business. Visit us, talk to our executives and get payment processing problems sorted. Make a difference in your business with our merchant services.

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