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Merchant Service Solutions for Business Consultants
May 22nd, 2017

Merchant Service Solutions For Business Consultants!

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The world of business consulting is essential to the American economy, providing critical expertise and guidance across various industries. However, it might come as a surprise to many that business consulting is classified as a “high-risk industry” by banks and financial institutions. This classification can create significant challenges for business consultants seeking payment processing accounts. Despite their reliability and importance, business consultants often face hurdles when attempting to secure these services, resulting in higher fees and more stringent requirements. In this guide, we’ll delve into tailored merchant service solutions crafted specifically for business consultants. Discover how to overcome high-risk challenges with our expert payment processing strategies and enhance your business operations like never before. Stay tuned as we explore the best practices, tools, and insights to empower your consultancy with efficient and secure payment solutions.

Understanding the High-Risk Classification —

Business consulting firms are dedicated professionals committed to delivering value to their clients. Nonetheless, several factors contribute to their high-risk classification by banks:

  • High Cancellation Rates: Consulting contracts can be complex and subject to changes, leading to a higher frequency of cancellations.
  • Chargebacks: Disputes over consulting fees can lead to chargebacks, which are costly and risky for payment processors.
  • Payment Discrepancies: The nature of consulting services often involves large transactions, which can trigger scrutiny and concerns over fraud.

These risks compel banks and traditional payment processors to be cautious, often resulting in declined applications or accounts with high fees and reserve requirements.

The Necessity of Merchant Accounts —

A merchant account is indispensable for business consultants who wish to accept credit card payments efficiently. With a merchant account, consultants can offer their clients a seamless and secure payment experience, enhancing client satisfaction and streamlining their financial operations. Key benefits include:

  • Convenience: Clients can make payments quickly without navigating cumbersome procedures.
  • Efficiency: Payments are processed swiftly, reducing delays and improving cash flow.
  • Security: Merchant accounts provide robust security features to protect both consultants and their clients from fraud.

Challenges with Traditional Banks —

When seeking a merchant account, business consultants often encounter significant obstacles. Traditional banks and payment processors are wary of the high-risk label and may either reject applications outright or impose exorbitant fees. This situation can be discouraging, especially for new consultants with no established payment processing history.

Why Choose Paycron?

Paycron stands out as a trusted partner for business consultants navigating the high-risk payment processing landscape. We specialize in providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of high-risk industries, including business consulting. Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to support consultants in establishing reliable and cost-effective merchant accounts.

Our Services —

Paycron offers a comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions designed to address the challenges faced by business consultants:

  • Card Processing: We accept and process payments from all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions.
  • Electronic Check Payments: Our virtual portals are equipped for ACH processing and eCheck payments, allowing consultants to accept electronic checks from clients with ease.
  • Check Drafting: Simplify payment collection without the need for physical checks or lengthy approval processes. Accept drafts and receive payments effortlessly.
  • Easy Application: Our application process is straightforward and quick, with no hidden fees or additional costs. Open an account seamlessly and start accepting payments.
  • Quick Setup: Setting up our payment gateway is simple and requires just a few steps. Once completed, you can receive payments from clients worldwide.
  • Chargeback Management: We understand the complexities and risks associated with chargebacks. Our team provides expert guidance and solutions to help you manage and minimize chargebacks effectively.

Supporting New Consultants —

New consultants face even greater challenges due to their lack of payment processing history. As a result, they may encounter higher rates compared to established businesses. However, at Paycron, we believe in supporting every business regardless of its tenure. Our team is dedicated to understanding your specific needs and providing customized solutions to help you succeed.

Conclusion —

Business consultants play a vital role in the economy, but the high-risk classification can complicate their operations, particularly in securing payment processing services. By partnering with a specialized provider like Paycron, business consultants can overcome these challenges and access reliable, efficient, and secure merchant services. Our commitment to understanding and supporting high-risk industries makes us the ideal choice for consultants looking to enhance their payment processing capabilities and focus on growing their businesses. Visit us, speak with our experts, and discover how Paycron can make a difference in your consulting business.

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