eCheck Payment Gateway For E-Commerce Businesses
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eChecks Payment Gateway For E-Commerce Businesses
March 21st, 2022

The eChecks Payment Gateway For E-Commerce Businesses

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Whether you are a well-established businessman or a new entrepreneur accepting payment for your business is the need of the hour. You can have a good number of sales coming into your business but having a good payment solution is also very important. For this, you may go with various payment processing options like eCheck Payment to accept payments for the services you have provided. eCheck payment gateway is highly reliable and safe for any size business, may it be a large or small business to transact. Similar to a paper check system, an eCheck translation, the translation information is entered electronically and processed for bank debt. Which is considered a secure and reliable means to process checks electronically. eChecks offers an efficient way to switch funds from payer to payee.

The eCheck payment gateway acts as a mediator between you, your customer, and your bank. With eCheck payment, you can unleash your price capability as you can accept payments of high ticket sizes. You can also achieve greater goals and grow your business more easily than ever. If you are looking for easy integration and fast settlement, you should opt for our eCheck solution.

Paycron eCheck payment gateway provides benefits to all buyers and sellers. It offers a wider range of payment options. Businesses can make more sales by increasing convenience for their customers.

Our eChecks transactions benefit all parties involved. This is mainly because of the faster speed and increased security of the transaction. When processing a transaction, the communication between parties is safer and more reliable. That’s why businesses that use our payment processing software and check payment gateways are more advanced in the fast-growing world of technology. Using this software, fraudulent transactions can be detected automatically and suspicious transactions are flagged immediately.

Are you looking for eCheck solutions for your business to make your payment arrive on time?

As we know, businesses in recent times have looked for a secure means to accept payments from their customers on time and to increase the performance of the business with suitable gateway integration from merchant account providers for their businesses. Choosing a platform that understands your digital payment needs & supports you to accept online payments effortlessly. Paycron is here to help you grow and connect with your customers and make eCheck an easy payment processing option.

Are you looking for secure eCheck payment gateway solutions?

It hardly matters from where you are operating your business, eChecks payment solutions provide a unique hold to your business as you may avail most gain through electronic checks. With the eCheck payment gateway service, you can make your business live to tell tales as you accept this payment approach. With a secure eCheck payment gateway, you enjoy the benefits of payment techniques that provide speedy growth to your business. In case your business is involved in a different time zone within the United States. You can extend the arms of your enterprise to accept eCheck which works best around the clock.

Benefits of Paycron E-Check Payment Gateway:

Genuine Gateway
VT/Web-Based API both allotted
Quick process to go live for transactions
The payout is faster.
Avoid fraudulent sales via check verification tools.
Dedicated Account with Own Descriptor/ Memo Line for merchants.
Personalized support by a Dedicated account manager

The four steps to processing an electronic check:

Authorization: The company will need to obtain authorization from the customer to complete the transaction. This can be done via an online charge form, signed order form, or a telephone conversation.

Payment Setup: Once the transaction has been authorized, the transaction information is entered into the dashboard. The charge statistics into its online payment processing software.

Saving and submitting: Once the payment information has been entered correctly into the software, the company clicks ‘save’ or ‘submit’. Once the payment information has been successfully incorporated into the software, this starts the ACH transaction process.

Payment confirmation and deposited funds: The customer’s bank account is automatically debited. The application then offers the customer a payment receipt, with the payment itself being deposited into the employer’s bank account. Generally, three to 5 business days after the ACH transaction is initiated, funds are deposited into the merchant’s bank account.

How eChecks are beneficial to corporations and people?

Nearly all the eCommerce businesses have sustained ultimately due to the excellent payment network. Whether it is a medium-risk business or a small-risk business, eChecks has helped business proprietors to method payments electronically with no trouble. eChecks quick processing time is known to be highly beneficial for payees and payers alike. The payee also can acquire their finances greater speedy via the eCheck

When a person prefers the use of an eCheck in the form of payment, then funds may go to the service provider’s bank account through the automated Clearing residence (ACH) network.

With Paycron’s super amazing eCheck Payment Processing, you can set up recurring billing.

eChecks can be accepted on websites, through phones, and via email. The solution is perfect for small and large merchants since it reduces time and saves money.

Applicants from both low-risk and high-risk sectors are welcome to apply. Merchants processing a high volume of transactions can qualify for equal-day eCheck. high-volume merchants can also get settlements from us. We also can help businesses in accepting excessive-value transactions.

In conclusion:

Paycron caters to the needs of low, medium, and high-risk businesses and also provides alternate payment solutions like eChecks and business incorporation services. Paycron is among the few handfuls of payment processors that are offering eCheck payment gateway processing at low cost and greater convenience. If you are a business owner and looking for integrated electronic checks payment gateway solutions then feel free to get free consultation services from us. We will be more than happy to give you the best solutions for all your business needs!

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