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eCheck Payment Processing

eChecks are a payment method suitable for low, medium and high risk businesses. They are the electronic version of paper checks. Being in an electronic format, they are quick to process and are paperless. No need of writing physical checks or depositing them. eChecks are easy to set-up (free) and operate without the need of any extra equipment.

eChecks are packed tightly with robust security and authentication systems that make them safer. Stages of security consist of digital signatures, encryption, public key cryptography and more.

Lightning Fast Processing

We keep our clients relaxed since we assure they remain away from all the hassle.

Dedicated Staff

Our panel is rich with talented professionals who thrive to crack deals underwritten fast.

In-House Programming

We have world-class tools and techniques to get multiple things done. Our team of programmers not just meets every day operations but also develops tools that are purposeful for us and for customers.

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e-Verify System

Super fast system to verify that the check is valid! Once data is entered into our online gateway, we begin with verification of the check.

Low Credit Is Not An Issue

Merchant accounts for eCheck processing are approved by us irrespective of their credit history.

Transparent Policy

We have simple and friendly policies to keep nothing hidden from our customers. For every type of merchants, we have e check solutions that restore peace of mind.

How eCheck Works

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Finalize And Submit

To begin the transaction, the business needs authorization from customer’s end. This can be carried out flexibly through a phone conversation or an online payment form or a signed order form.

echeck payment processing

Request Authorization

Upon completion of the payment form in the eCheck account, an electronic check is ready. It can be printed and deposited by the merchants or they may opt for our check deposit service. While choosing us to handle the checks, merchants need to do nothing more than taking out a minute and entering information in the payment form. Once they do this, we take care of each transaction that goes into their business checking account.

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Payment Set Up

Upon completion of authorization, payment information is entered into an online payment processing software. In case of a recurring payment, details of recurring schedule are required too.

(Note: If the merchant believes that a customer is established or trustworthy, verifying or not verifying their details is totally merchant’s decision.)

echeck gateway

Funds Deposited

Payment is withdrawn from customer’s account and credited to merchant’s business checking account. The payment will be credited 100% to merchant’s business checking account; there is no third party, who holds the payment for any period.

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    Low Cost

    After the initial set up cost, the processing of eCheck costs much less than paper checks.

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    eChecks are very easy to understand and can be used by customers worldwide.

  • echeck processing

    Greater Accuracy

    Customers put their details by themselves; hence, less chances of errors.

  • electronic check payment processing

    Instant Payment

    You do not need to take a physical check to the bank; hence, you can save a lot of time.

  • echeck payment gateway


    An electronic check is far more secure than a paper check. It comes with an encryption feature that verifies the information.

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    Fully Integrated Solution

    No third-party integration required; thus, implementing e check is easy for everyone.


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What is an eCheck?

We all know about paper checks. eChecks are just an electronic version of conventional checks, they facilitate account to account fund transfer exactly like normal checks.

Is it safe to pay with an eCheck?

eChecks are completely safe, information is directly transferred between customer’s and merchant’s financial institution through an ACH (Automated Clearing House) network.

Do eChecks bounce like paper checks?

Yes, eCheck can bounce, just like paper checks due to lack of funds, closed account or any other problem in completing the transaction.

Are eChecks similar to debit/credit card payments?

No, eCheck and card payments are different from each other. eChecks are direct from source account to destination account.

How quickly do eChecks clear?

eChecks usually clear by the end of the day or may take 3-4 days in case of a holiday or weekend.

How do you cancel/refund an eCheck?

Post clearing, an eCheck cannot be canceled. The only way is to request the payee for a refund.

Is there a limit on an eCheck payment?

No, there is no upper or lower limit to an eCheck amount. You can write an eCheck for any amount as long as you have the funds in your account.

How many eChecks can one encash in a day?

There is no limit to the number of eChecks you can bring-in in a day.

What happens if I write an incorrect eCheck?

It is impossible to write/generate an incorrect eCheck. Everything is verified and cross checked before the eCheck is forwarded for processing.

Can I write an eCheck even if there are no funds in my account?

Yes, you can. But the eCheck will bounce on grounds of ‘non sufficient funds’ and will be returned to the source.

Where can I locate my bank routing number?

The bank routing number is at the bottom of your check.

Can a business checking account be used to make payments?

Yes, you can use a business checking account to make eCheck payments.

Do I receive automatic notifications of payments?

No, an e-mail confirmation has to be requested. An e-mail address is entered to receive e-mail notifications.

Can I view/check my payment history online?

Yes, you can view check history online!

Can I use my savings bank account?

If your account is given the facility of direct debit then you may use a savings account.

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