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July 27th, 2018

6 Ways A POS System Can Refresh Your Business Process For Better Outcomes

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Small businesses believe Point Of Sale (POS) systems are meant for big brands and retailers who have infinite inventory to take care of. However, integration of technology in minuscule aspect of life has changed each process and its reach. While, small businessmen try to cut down incurred costs, POS may be mistaken to be an added expense whereas its the best fit for small business who want to grow exponentially in shorter time.

Does this keep you wondering how can you benefit out of this system?

To understand it better, it’s important to step into the shoes of a customer who has been loyal to a business. Imagine, you’re Judy Rose who buys her groceries from a nearby store. One Friday evening, you go out to buy a list of articles you need for your house party that night. Running late from office has already suck up your time and there’s no way you can spend an extra minute in the busy store. However, maintaining your terms with the shop, you follow your habit and struggle out through the heavy crowd with some butter, pasta and ketchup of brands other than your preferred ones. Growing frustration might not have irked you until then but a long queue at billing section with keyboard taps by the guy on counter would have deafened you. But, you could have still drank this anger mixed with frustration but hearing, “Hi Laura, thanks for shopping with us.” might just raise the red alarm in your head.

During this process, not only you realized that this simple task of buying and billing process impacts your mood but destroys loyalty towards a merchant as well. Now switch back your role and think from merchant’s perspective. The cashier could have avoided the mistake if they had POS system installed. Also, the store wouldn’t have ran out of the articles that were on Judy’s mind.

What should a business expect when they install POS system?

Merchants don’t rush for these system due to their pre-notion of being complex to handle or expensive to install but to break the unjust reputation, here are the reasons why you need it:

1. Be Available, Not ‘Out Of Stock’
While you have 1-15 salespersons to handle your store, the chances of manual error only increase. With an inventory that differs in ‘Type, Size & Price’, you might miss out certain articles from your store. Usually, getting ‘out of stock’ is taken as laziness of management, biased nature of business or personal preference of business owners. While the POS system is installed, you can track the record of items left on shelf and sold. It’s the fair way to know, what is ‘in-demand’.

2. Centralize Your Stores’ Data
Whether you are planning to expand or have a chain of stores in different cities, a full-fledged Point of Sale system will help you and your branch managers to record and analyze the demographic demands of your customers. The clearer your statistics are, the better you’ll be able to serve.

3. No Queue Concept Stores
Nobody waits to befriend and share ‘tsk tsk’ with fellows standing in queue while getting the billing done. A queue of more than 5 people will ask your prospect to leave rather than stand for their chance. To eliminate the cause of their wait, you can simply optimize your Point of Sale process with the latest and fastest transaction technologies available in market.

4. Impressive Machines For Stellar Look
Your impression is instantaneously upgraded to be a store of class, sophistication and customer-oriented. As company with POS system, you can expect the following technologies:

  • Mobile

Making your customers pay their bills through plastic cash. It utilizes a simple downloadable software and a card reader attachable to the smartphone or tablet.

  • Loyalty Management System

This is the type of system you find in most of the brand stores that accumulates the previous details of their customers’ activity and prepare the data of their loyalty score that can be cashed in the next purchase.

  • Digital Wallets

All the e-Wallets which enable you to receive the bills.

These technologies add flexibility in payment options of the store and no customer would return due to inability to produce required cash.

5. Know Your Loyal Customer
Like said in Loyal Management System, you can track your customers’ activities on your store. And this means, they can be tracked even if your customer shopped from any store of your venture. This allows you to reward their loyalty with exciting offers and discount which are personalized to them.

6. Utilize Email Marketing Using Collected Data
Once you are fed with the data of your customers, it becomes easy to inform them about the latest addition to your services and product range. Send them regular mails about your new products, post them about the selective offers to prompt more sale and keep them in loop for a longer time.

With these amazing benefits that can reform your otherwise sulky process, your business is set to become the next big thing. After all, technology never ceases to astonish.

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