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March 17th, 2017

Credit Card Processing For Dentists & Orthodontists

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If you are a doctor, dentist or orthodontist by profession, you must be seeing more than 10 patients a day. Among all those patients, approximately 6 or 7 will prefer paying through credit or debit card. With professional merchant services, accepting card payments is easy, quick and flexible. However, it is important to choose the professional service provider who guarantees success and savings for you.

Why credit card processing is the wisest choice?

For those who have savings as their top priority, merchant accounts are a profitable deal. This is because experienced service providers have a low processing charge which is quite beneficial for the merchant. By sticking to the basics, charging a flat subscription fee and a flat processing rate, such professionals help in saving funds. Apart from this, there are no hidden fees, no percentage-based markups and no monthly minimums. By eliminating these obstacles that eat up the profits, merchant can take their savings to the bank.

Fortunately, there are credit card processing companies that charge low rates; i.e. between 10-25 cents each transaction. Moreover, there services are non-contracted which is an additional beneficial factor and that too without any risk of cancellation fees. In other words, you can cancel the services anytime you want, which however is something you won’t ever do. Some merchant service providers ask for a particular amount of sales or even charge penalty. It is advised to avoid taking merchant account from them.

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Get the best of point of sale technology

With the right POS technology, it is easy to manage back office operations smoothly. This way, dentists can clearly focus on their patient’s dental health. Other exciting features are:

• Tracking patients’ appointment history along with complete dental histories without involving in complicated paper records
• Automating and streamlining appointment reminder calls through email confirmation or SMS text
• Tracking and managing inventory for the office as well as dental supplies

Built-in payments processing that streamline everything

With the genuine service providers, there ain’t any need to buy additional software. Right from day one, the payment solution will be ready to go which means increased revenue and decreased downtime. Want to know other benefits? Check them out below:

• Secure and reliable credit and debit card processing
• Streamlined payments that are processed from different POS locations
• 24/7 phone and email support
• Advanced troubleshooting alerts that help resolve payment issues
• Backup processing protection to protect everything when network goes down

Merchant services are definitely promising for dentistry business. Start with the amazing services to manage cash flow, concentrate on your patients and avoid possibilities of bounce checks & failed payments.

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