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Payment Processing Guide
July 30th, 2020

Complete Payment Processing Guide For Business Owners

The payment processing engine is driving the online business network. Every second, millions of users across the world make use of online payments by simply clicking a button. However, things are not that simple at the merchant’s end. A whole lot of technology goes into making a digital payment happen in real-time. All this is […]

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Client making a wireless payment on a card machine at a store
July 23rd, 2020

Insights, Opportunities & Challenges Of Payment Processing Markets: A Detailed Analysis Of Key Players

The payment processing industry is now a major league as far as business is considered. This has happened as a result of massive digitalization and penetration of supporting disruptive technologies and internet infrastructure. A good number of businesses have now moved online and are conducting their business affairs there, necessitating a need for efficient and […]

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July 16th, 2020

COVID-19, Chargeback Frauds & Tips To Minimize & Control Them

Digital advancements in payment, improved financial technology, and in some ways the COVID-19 have led to the rise of eCommerce sales, delivery services, and online retail sales. Transactions at the physical point of sales have severely declined since most people are staying away from the markets and brick-and-mortar shops. This has been a major factor […]

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high rish
July 10th, 2020

Why Payment Processors Avoid High Risk Merchants?

A business needs a payment processor to handle the transactions. For payment processing companies these businesses are simply clients. It is vital for a business to remain in the good books of these payment companies or else they could be cut off by suspension or termination. Payment processors tend to do this when a business […]

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Reducing Friendly Fraud Chargebacks
July 3rd, 2020

Detecting & Reducing Friendly Fraud Chargebacks

A lot of small and high-risk businesses face a lot of payment frauds doled into them via chargebacks and fraudulent practices. Several businesses out there employ affiliate marketing techniques and often end up losing a lot of their hard-earned money in the form of chargeback frauds. Once payment processors start flagging frequent chargebacks for a […]

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Contactless Payments Technology
June 25th, 2020

Contactless Payments & Their Advantages For Merchants & Consumers

The payments industry has come very far in terms of the implementation of disruptive technologies. In the last decade, this progress has been nothing short of extraordinary. With groundbreaking financial technologies and the willingness of merchants to experiment and implement new and more efficient methods of payment, the future looks promising. It is estimated that […]

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