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October 4th, 2018

This Is How Payment Gateway Is Integrated (Detailed Analysis)

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PAYMENT GATEWAY gives an online business the right to accept credit card payments from any part of the universe. There are several gateways available to choose from and each of them costs a particular amount along with charge per transactions. Despite the pool of options, choosing the precise gateway makes sense to save money and keep the business run smoothly. Once the right payment gateway has been chosen, integrating it in the online software isn’t any big deal.

How To Choose The Payment Gateway

Doing this faultlessly involves the below given steps:

  • Understanding the role of a gateway: Job of a payment gateway includes processing credit card details of the customer by sending the data onto the web server of the gateway. This not only makes the sale but also sends confirmation to the website. Integrating the gateway into the shopping cart of the site can be done quickly.
  • Checking with the web host: Online shop software provider or web host often provides payment gateway services that can be easily & quickly implemented. To see whether or not there are any payment gateway options, control panel of the site or admin page of the online shop needs to be checked.
  • Exploring the options: As there are different payment gateways available, getting confused with them is quite obvious. Before starting with anything, checking the gateways that are supported by the shopping cart software is a smart move. Support site of the shopping cart software contains a clear-cut list of compatible payment gateways.
  • Being attentive towards the fees & conditions: A one-time setup fee and monthly fee are charged when starting with the payment gateway. After this, a small amount is charged every time a transaction is processed. Before finalizing the service, it makes sense to compare the rates carefully.
  • Making the choice – External gateway or direct?: Redirect or external gateways send customers to a different website for the payment processing part. On the other hand, direct or transparent gateway carries out payment processing in the store; hence, keeps the customers on the website.

When making the choice, direct gateways are the best options because they appear more professional.

  • Signing up for a merchant account: To start with a merchant account, signing up is must. The account is then linked with the payment gateway. As a result, payments from the customers can be received seamlessly. Here, it is important to know that a merchant account charges per transaction.
  • Signing up for chosen payment gateway: After sign up for the gateway completes, needed information is provided, which is then provided further to the online store software.

Integrating Payment Gateway In The Web Shop

  • Setting up the web shop: Majority of the online retailers depend on third-party software in order to create a web shop. It is this software that is responsible for the creation of ordering page and code for transferring payment information to the gateway.
  • Adding payment methods: Though the process for this differs from service to service; what’s needed to be entered is payment gateway information for each & every payment method that has to be accepted. Which cards are accepted is a factor that’s determined by the payment gateways.
  • Testing the gateway: Test or Sandbox accounts are provided by the payment gateway service. Fake transactions can be done initially to check whether the payment process is working flawlessly. Before making the store live, testing the gateway is undeniably important.

As this differs from service to service, it is recommended to check the support site of the payment gateway for details regarding testing the gateway’s integration.

Questions That Must Be Answered Before Integrating Payment Gateway

All the efforts invested and hours utilized are worth if few minor things are taken care of while choosing the gateway. Below are given some questions that are must to ponder upon before saying yes to the payment gateway.

  • Will the gateway work in my country?

First and the foremost thing! One should always confirm that the payment gateway operates in their country and is capable of working with their currency.

  • Is it reputable?

A gateway must have good status. Taking help from social media, doing online searches and checking the service provider’s website are dependable ways to find answer of this question.

  • Is it compatible with multiple systems?

When payments are meant to be accepted from a number of online systems, checking if the payment gateway will work with them is vital. In case it does not, more than one gateway may be needed.

And it’s a wrap now! Hopefully, this piece of information must have expanded the horizon of your knowledge about payment gateways. Stay tuned for more such posts.

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