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January 23rd, 2020

POS System: How To Get The Right One?

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Business is all about making good money. Having said that, getting timely and uninterrupted payments is undeniably the first concern. Be it any business, planning how to make the payment game seamless is something that gives hard time. Both check as well as cash are the usual forms of payment to strike the mind. If we exclusively talk about the checks, verifying the ID of customers is very important but it shouldn’t offend them. However, it must be promising enough to speed up the payment game.

Being efficient, fast, easy-to-use and low cost, credit cards come to the rescue when it comes to fix these possible hurdles. As soon as a customer swipes their credit card, instant verification of sale takes place. How? Their bank checks and confirms if there are enough funds in their account to make the payment. In case funds are less than needed, the payment is rejected then and there.

Starting With POS

When using credit cards to make payments in person, POS terminal is used. Talking about the options, they include cash registers with portable electronic keypads, smartphone applications, credit card swiper and digital shopping carts. Since all these beauties are available without any extra cost, deciding which among them is best isn’t easy.

In matters of physical stores, customers make the payments at the counter. Here, what stands for the best option is a cash register. Apart from securing the cash, it comes with a seamless credit card device. What else? It works for self-check-out scenarios as well as cashier-check-out matters.

Physical or Virtual?

Whether it’s a pop up store owner or any other merchant, their inclination towards an easy to setup solution is obvious. On the other hand, open air stores, outdoor festivals and periodic fairs do better with a mobile electronic keypad. Despite being bulky, it is way lighter as compared to a cash register. As a confined device, it allows customers to slip in their credit cards.

When does it make an ideal choice? When customers are to be reached either at their door or by walking to where they are sitting. If the concern is a convenient POS, it is nothing but a smartphone app. It has a removable dongle that can be attached using a USB. As soon as it is plugged in the smartphone and application is launched, customers can pay by slipping in their cards.

Want to know the best part? Signing up the best merchant account provider can let you get these POS options without paying any additional fee.

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